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Revolutionary panel technology.

Nothing beats the efficiency of the QB Building System.

Benefits for
Consumers & Builders.

QB Technology ™ offers a solution that allows you to build faster, stronger, more energy efficiently and affordably.

The QB Building System

The technical overview of the QB Panel System

Prefabricated modular wall

EPS composite foam and steel stud panel

Pre-cut service raceway: electrical, data, water line

Precision production, within 2 mm tolerance

Light weight, high strength

High R-Value (R-Value of 30+)

The QB Technology™ Advantage.

QB Panels are designed to construct single and multi-family residential dwellings, high-performance stand-alone offices, restaurants, retail stores, insulated warehouse, walk-in freezers, and specialty buildings, including modular and relocateable buildings. Large high-rises can be enclosed with a structurally integrated thermal envelope, and a quickly completed exterior.

In addition to commercial building applications, there is a major worldwide need for affordable single and multi-family structures including high-wind and earthquake-prone regions.

Net Zero Energy directed

The QB building system makes net zero energy goals much more achievable. Higher R factors require less heating and cooling.

Inexpensive Building Construction

QB Technology™ delivers significant savings in labour and construction time, reducing total cost and financial carrying cost.

Speed of Construction

QB Technology™'s proprietary QB panel makes possible the first homogenous building system. Identical QB structural components are joined together to fabricate sections with which walls, floors and roofs can be constructed. Our system is erected without wood or metal beams or harmonized with them. The panels are then installed by small crews in approximately one third the time of other building systems.

Available in Large Quantities

Our process uses high-speed manufacturing equipment and virtually all components are sourced from raw material including EPS Foam, Galvanized "C" Studs, and finished coatings. The process uses "tried and true" foam and metal integration technology combined with automation to manufacture large quantities efficiently and at competitive pricing.

Wind & Earthquake Resistant

The QB Panel System has been tested in the Florida Hurricane Testing Laboratory and passed the Miami Dade Country code. The panels have also undergone Seismic testing in California at RADCO, a licensed test lab for ICBO Listing #98-6-6 (a code body that rules the Western United States building codes).

Superior to Wood, Concrete and Steel Construction

QB believes that its panel system is superior to other construction systems since wood burns, rots, squeaks and insects eat it. Concrete and/or steel construction systems are very expensive, slow, heavy, and "cold". On-site assembly of steel studs and EPS foam is slower, messier and more expensive. QB construction is the fifth alternative. It has none of the above disadvantages and a long list of additional user benefits over wood, concrete and steel materials assembled on-site.

Panel production
is made simple.

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