Licensed Supplier of QB Technology ™ Products for Southern Alberta

The Process.

The Steps to Completion.

The process from start to finish.

The QB Technology ™ process deploys a system of manufacturing methods using green material inputs and proprietary technologies to produce energy efficient, cost-effective structures. Applying this process requires nothing more than architectural drawings.


Architectural Plans Converted into QB CAD

Produce Cut EPS Foam Panels

Manufacture Steel Stud and EPS Panels to Meet Engineered Requirements including:

- Door and window cutouts
- Raceways for electrical & plumbing
- Preparation for exterior or interior finishing

Transportation to the Job Site

Erect and Enclose Panels

Manufacturing is as easy as 1-2-3.

QB Panels are delivered complete and ready for installation! As a bonus, the panels are supplied with door, window and electrical/plumbing cutouts already in place.

Step 1.

Precise foam hotwire cuts using our unique, proprietary software

Step 2.

Custom sized, cold rolled steel studs per engineered requirements and specifications

Step 3.

Mechanically compressed for strength and precise measurement standards

We also deliver and install!

Need outer cladding?
You choose and we can provide what you need.

Whether Stucco, Hardie Board, Brick or Stone, we can prepare your panels in anticipation and in some cases apply the material of your choice in advance of delivery.

Do the Math.

The QB Technology Building System pays for itself,
over and over again.

Fast, precise and complete installation with less skill required

Massive time and money saved on labour and lost or warped materials

QB Panels are delivered completed with no additional steps or costs required

Everyone benefits with ongoing utility savings, durability and better retained value

Commercial builders enjoy big savings on construction carrying costs, faster access to revenues and significant long term utility cost savings

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